Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rainforest World Music Festival 2010..


Rainforest WMF is back again @ Sarawak Cultural Village for a 3 day event starting this Friday, 9th July till 11th July. Always wanted to go for this and experience the exciting & amazing ambiance of the Rainforest World Music Festival live in Sarawak.  We've always been invited by our friends there to join them since year 2005 I think but till now still no luck:-( Either no plan or just not the right plan or maybe both...arghhhhh bottom line never been to the Festival.

Actually, last year we were there but 2 weeks before the Festival. Can you imagine how close it was..just great missed it again! As for this year, totally forgotten about it because of the World Cup fever.  Football is NOT my cup of tea and never one but the excitement from the eve of World Cup opening till to-date is amazing!Worldwide!  The talk in the media, fb, twitter, blog u name it's well covered.  

The World Cup final coincides with the last day of the Festival. Wow..Music vs Sport.  However, it was reported in the Star Online that  the organizer was very optimistic of a good turnout.  Yeah..Perhaps, they sure do have their own crowd and strong fans too. Hopefully it will be a great event as ever. Looks like the 20% discount for Enrich members will be wasted for me...anyway, the promo already expired on 5th July. Gempak je*wink*

Wokay..keep on dreaming to go for the Festival, try again 2011!

Astalavista babeyh!!

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