Saturday, July 10, 2010


When I was small, I love pink ballet shoes and when I was in my teen years, I wanted peep toe shoes. Now as a woman I'm a shoe lover. Admiring the gorgeous &  sexy "Shuz" collection at KLCC, Guess stilettos, the sophisticated Charles & Keith signature, Lewre fancy blink blink, Bill Keith simple & comfortable high heels sandals..yesss its all about self-satisfaction but sometimes can also be considered as self-indulgence. I know..but can't help it!

There will always be storage issue when you have more than 5 shoes.  The round toe, peep toe pumps, high heels, stilettos, boots, flats, sandals and sports shoes yup all kept in the boxes. Which is which?? The black box, the white one? no not this one! "Arghhh...Can't find the one that matches my dinner dress and I'm running late". That's exactly the scenario that always happen to me.  Its time to end this 'nightmare' and find a way to solve the shoe storage problem once and for all!

If Era Fazira has a thick folder of her Christian Louboutin, LV, Coach, Gucci, Fendi or Prada shoes collection complete with photos & serial nos. for her just to flip the pages & pick her shoes,  I think for me its sufficient just to label every box with a small photo of the shoes itself.

So, I did mine...
 Stilettos,wedges, pumps &
my wedding shoes...oh my! its almost 11yrs

 No more headache. Just look at the pix on the box BINGO!!

That's about it.  Not too fancy, not all branded...just easy to see which one to choose.  A better organized shoe rack absolutely. 

Luv: P 

p.s:  exhausted...Launderette blues & ME as the Launderer, the whole Saturday gone!!!  A non-Posh activity but a productive weekend at least.

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