Friday, July 30, 2010


Grocery Day....yup a monthly routine usually the day starts early on this particular date coz I prefer to do my grocery shopping with less people inside the hypermarket meaning NO long queues..."Waiting is suffering..!" which I hate the most.  Anyway, I don't think it would be interesting to post on the items listed on my grocery shopping list here..huhh  "P: don't be lame". of coz not the grocery but the 'pitstop' at Sari Ratu Indonesian Restaurant, Subang Parade which is more tempting....

A glass of Jus Alpokat (RM6.50)...perfecto!

Jus Alpokat (in indonesian) or Avocado Juice is not easy to find in Malaysia.  Only available at selected Indonesian Restaurants and not all have a 'perfect yummy taste'.  Sari Ratu definitely has it all and maintained the same taste of their 'HQ' in Jakarta (though the price is a lot cheaper there, that's for sure).  Excellent Taste!  Back then, I usually have this Avocado Juice 3x a day during my short stay in Jakarta, Bandung or Medan and now I can just have it anytime I feel like it;-)

Thanks to Sari Ratu for being so near to 'feed' my craving *yeay*

Luv: P

p.s:  rushed for an appointment at A-Listers right after that...(due for eyebrow threading).


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