Sunday, July 11, 2010


The excitement of World Cup Finale is telecast tonight @ 2:30am local time.  The hip places like Laundry, Hartamas, OU will definitely be jammed pack with "The Matador & The Dutch" supporters.  I think I'll pass, will just be watching at home in 'HDey' (mimicking Lionel Messi).  Comfy guaranteed;-)

Paul pick Spain....! He was right again last night Germany defeated Uruguay 3-2 and finished at third place.  So, just wait & see...Long Live PAUL!!

Cookin' time...Tiger Prawn with Tauchu sauce & Chicken semoor  (no squids please). so  HUNGRY no breakfast yet.  Just came back from eyebrow threading at A-Listers.  Eyes away from the lappy...shhuhhhh!


Luv:  P

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