Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hmm..have been wanting to write on Disneyland as mentioned in my earlier post but why do I have the urge to post an entry on Disneyland all of a sudden?  Actually nothing..*wink*  then came these souvenirs from 'newbie'....

cute Hard 'Rock' Bear Macau

kind of reminded me of Hongkong-Disneyland & also Paris Disneyland...  

 with Disney Characters in HK

 The City of Love..
didn't get the chance to pose with Ratatouille
he had to go for his break time..sob sob:-(

This year traveling mode is pretty much slow I would say. No yearly Bangkok trips as before due to the 'Red Shirt' chaos. No plans to Jakarta or Bandung as yet,  for info: MAS to fly to Bandung daily starting mid July 2010. No more sponsored domestic trips compared to my corporate years with the 'Yellow' HQ.

The latest one  was Universal Studios, Singapore in March following MHubs for his conference thingy.  It was during the soft opening week which was 3 days before its officially opened on 19th March.  Tickets were limited at that time. We just wandered at the park, hotels, shopping gallery and.... what else if not photo opt :

The Hard Rock Hotel at Sentosa - very nice & cozy, cool "2 in 1" swimming pool with beach sand, quite similar concept with the other existing Hard Rock hotels but if to compare with Penang, personally I would give more stars to Penang for their awesome swimming pool plus the advantage of natural beach. Anyway, if you plan to go to Universal Studios Singapore & for Sentosa Island breeze, advisable to go towards the end of the year by then all the ongoing construction on the Island will be over and completed.  Hopefully, but that was just from my observation...

easy access by Sentosa Express  at SGD3.00 per pax
from Vivo City Shopping Mall..

From Hongkong to Paris then Singapore...okay no more draggy story.
Please focus..concentrate...Ms. P : You're here in Malaysia at home sweet home;-)
Basically, due for a vacation but where to...still A BIG Q?
Sweet Dreams...

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