Friday, July 9, 2010

Blood Thirst V...Red V...Yummy..."ECLIPSE-ing"

"They came, They saw, They conquered" other than Edward Cullen, Bella Swan & Jacob Black.  Its the D-day of the  ECLIPSE release on July 8th, 2010 in cinemas nationwide.

We had our scrumptious dessert, a slice of RED VELVET at The Apartment e@Curve just few hours before the Most Anticipated Movie of the year..okay cut it, enough with the melodrama.  Lets have a 'bite' of Red Velvet....

and a glass of lemonade...

Perfect ambiance, perfect taste, perfect far >>>

Right until the movie started 5 mins before midnight and immediately a  minute after that my date beside me fall asleep!  That's typical MHubs even with the loudest sound or biggest screen in front of him still zzzzzzz...with the exception of  EPL & World Cup.  Hmm...there goes the 'perfect' of everything.  However, he managed to keep himself awake for the next 2hrs just because of  one deep "sigh" know who. *Mrs. Boss*

Here comes the review... 

Sorry, its gonna be a non-critics review of course and I prefer to make it short and sweet:
Awesome, D-best, Brilliant, absolutely one step higher than the 1st:  Twilight and incredibly impactful than the 2nd: New Moon. The Wolves & The Cullens Vs The Army of Newborns led by the red-haired Victoria with the Volturi interference, Wow...Lovin' it to the max wouldn't mind to watch it again. They certainly deserve "Buckets of Golden Popcorn" from MTV Movie Awards just like New Moon.

Everyone sure has their own critics/comments over this vampire series, one may think it's too drama or another might see it otherwise.  Up to your view people. However, If you vote -'for'-yes'-'agree'  *high five*...hahaha

Team Jacob Hotter than Team Edward..of coz!

Luv: P

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