Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paul Who..???

Who else...The Famous 2 yr-old Octopus "Paul the Psychic". He's British hahaha..he was born in England and now 'residing'in Sea Life Oberhausen, Germany. Octopus prediction on the World Cup matches..very interesting and amusing. With all the speculation over German vs Spain prediction on the Semi Final, I guess Paul indirectly has made the German team and supporters quite disturbed with his prediction. Sometimes, better not to know the future especially when its not a good outcome.

Anyway..Spain won the match as predicted. They defeated Germany 1-0. Was it just a coincidence..leave it open for you to wonder including myself;-)

"Paul's prediction was phenomenal"
Tanja Munzig Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium

Ooh owww..he chose Spain container..
Paul has betrayed his "owner"..

oopsie doopsie...heartbreaking prediction to the German supporters indeed compared to his earlier prediction over Argentina...a big bang of 4 goals!!

Victory for Germany..not for long

The Upset German Supporters:  "Octopus" for lunch or dinner??   Nothing less here Paul has been the talk of the town and many of those German supporters wanted to.....



Argghhh Fry Paul...sotong goreng tepung????!!!

Oh come on.....don't be so mean, leave him alone he's INNOCENT for godsake.  Let him eat the mussels from his food container peacefully.  No more Psychic jobs for Paul pleaseeeee...>!!!

Though I just came to know bout you recently but ROCK babeyh!   
"PAUL the CELEB octopus"..*LoL*

Luv: P 


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