Sunday, July 25, 2010

Que Tart

Pineapple jam tart, tart nenas or kueh tart...always my first choice of cookies & a must-have during 'Hari Raya' open house, even before fasting month already eyeing on the best one available. Not forgetting the cookie samples from ex-colleagues & frenz also the regular supplier,  Cutebites at TTDI.   Anyway, yesterday my bro brought back 'Que tart' 4 boxes x 24pcs = 96pcs. Nice! buttery, soft and fine pineapple jam.

Not so special on the looks but it tastes good...

'going like hot cakes'....confirmed jam tart freak
a free promo for Que Tart co.
                                                            1box of 24pcs = RM13
Our next order 200pcs to be collected a week before Raya..the later the better!!

Already have the list of cookies to order i.e Almond London, cornflakes, mazola and a few traditional malay cookies as usual for the whole family including MIL and Gramps.  Would be nice to try from different suppliers, hmm.. for sure there will be a lot of  Raya cookies promo on FB ..we'll see!

Luv: P

p.s:  Fasting month still 2 weeks away but I'm already talking about Raya cookies;-) huhu
Hey am not the only one,, saw a few Raya advertisements on TV (Courts Mammoth & Singer) super duper early isn't it!


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Posh Alert said...

kalau kat belah2 utara memang depa panggil Kue 'Tunjuk' pun...:-)))))))

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