Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tun Mahathir, The Musical..

It was a GOOD SHOW indeed!!!!! 

Thumbs up to the Cast:  

From Left:  Shafieq Shazwan, Zizan Nin, Erra Fazira & Esma Daniel...*wink*

This is definitely a MUST SEE musical theater on the life of Malaysia's Living Legend, Tun Mahathir Mohammad....

large numbers of production crew involved..
including Tun Mahathir's son..Mazhar Mahathir;-)

Good job..Zizan"Che Det"
You nailed it!!!!

....more detailed review to come.  Very soon kay:-) 

Oh yeah...its my brother's birthday today, 6 Oct!! "Tun Mahathir, The Musical"-- treat would be just perfect for the GIFT;-) Happy Birthday NICKO...!!  See ya tomorrow @ IB 8.30pm.


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