Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brunch & Tea

Sunday Quick Shopping @ Tangs Empire Gallery (Great Sale up to 70%!!) till Nov 7th.  Pick up some groceries at Jaya Grocer. What's quick & easy to cook for the "Three Musketeers" at home?  Hmm..frozen food it is.  Ready-Made Pizza...uols;-)

Cheesy!Yummy! Chicken Supreme .."8mins" brunch menu

Let's have something filling, milky & chocolaty for TEA...

Choc on Choc for Sunday Tea...

In case readers would like to try, just get a box of White Wings Choc on Choc cakemix (RM11.90), frosting mix also included..except the chocolate rice (I still have a few boxes from Amsterdam).  Other basic things you need, 2 eggs, oil *I used olive oil, its your choice*, butter for the frosting.  Preparation time - 10mins and baking time- though it stated 60-65mins on the box but mine just nicely baked after 45mins @ 160'C. Don't worry it depends on the type of oven you use, just follow the rest of the instructions.

Btw, this cakemix really comes in handy when you have guests coming for tea or whenever you feel like having a nice 'just bake' cake at home with your family.  Make baking sweet, simple & absolutely easy for you!

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