Saturday, October 2, 2010

Caftan Houte Couture...

Ladies, I may have been feeding you with "WANNA BUY" items thru my posts these few days and here's another one.  But then, I'm pretty sure handbags & shoes are also your "LOVE AFFAIR" right??!  hehe. Hope I don't do any damage to your... errmm $$$ *wink*

CAFTAN..?! cost a bomb,  up to a few thousands for the popular Designer Labels with perfect gleaming beads and sequins.  I've been wanting to buy ONE for my personal collection even before Syawal  however,  it was extremely expensive then.

Here comes a newly opened Home Boutique owned by my Dad's Cuz..What a PERFECT timing!!

"Aesha Couture"

Stunning designs with REASONALBE price !
I suppose to collect my RESERVED order today during a "Tea Party" & small opening of 

Aesha Couture.  

From 5pm -7pm..its the same time with my in laws visit to my Casa *wuarghhhhh..sob..sob*.   

Looks like a delay on the collection of my Barbie Pink Caftan or else I might need to rely on the courier service. Hmmmm.....


p.s:  "Hair Status" -  Back to BLONDE...luvin' it!

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