Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sound of MUSIC...

The sound that always wakes me in the morning, during my naps, disturbance while watching TV at the hall even distracting my phone other than the PIANO sound. Well, it becomes a little 'merrier' with the additional GUITAR jam session between the two bros! Fuhh...playing the same songs , the same melody, same beat, over and over again.  Really arrggghhhhh!!!! After a while,  kinda immune to this 'sound of music'. No more sarcastic remarks from me, "can it be louder".."I'm trying to sleep around here"!!! hahahaa

Luckily all the efforts (plus the noise) paid off with the result she obtained from her Piano exam taken in August (oh yeah..the result just came out a few days ago) :

Venue:  Hilton Hotel PJ

She got a distinction for her graded music (piano) exam. Not bad! It's actually Fantastic!! She started her lesson at the age of 20 which was a year ago and she proved it to us that she can do it!!!  It's never too late for education as long as you have the courage to learn and passionate about your dreams.  Fooyoo! Such an inspirational remark from me;-) Just like the notes from the UK Examiner from The Associated Board of  The Royal Schools of Music. 

The Examiner's valuable comments...

"A lively and crisp performance with a well controlled touch.  You dealt with all the technical demands most admirably.  Very well done! - full marks 30/30

"A very well deserved result.  Congratulations! " - Distinction 135/150

I do hope she'll maintain the same 'pace' and excellent result for the next one or even better than this!!!

Congrats and all the best to my sista, Lolls!



xo Nostalgia Vintage said...

wow she is such an inspiration!.. stumble across your blog while searching for something else.. you're blog is certainly intriguing. Personally, i wanted to take piano lessons myself but then i thought i might be a little too old for that, at 19 then! lol yikes.. she does proves that learning is lifelong process! Congrats to ur sister. Tc

Posh said...

Helloooo...tq, tq so much I take that as a compliment ;-) yezzz...of coz u can and I'm sure you'll score with flying colours! I'll definitely convey yr congrats to my sis (

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