Tuesday, October 19, 2010


NO MORE  mms text message please!!!!! I know you guys are having so much fun out there and me? Hello...!! I'm stuck here home alone, NO Lady V, NO Gen Doe in short NO car to go out.  Not even to have a sip of my crème brûlée frappuccino *sigh*

One @ Chili's, Empire with the "Deutchland Delegates" and the rest @ BJ for a lively Paramore concert.

Perfecto! Oh dear, I'm stressed...*HELP*

I don't mind about the dinner or the concert, its just that I should've made some plans  
for myself...a big mistake P!

 Nevermind, since my dear old friend "Mr. Lappy" is still loyally here with me... I SURVIVE


can't even transfer a single pix from my handphone (their MMS! ). 

I guess 'Lappy' is in a bad mood too.


**oops! afraid to go downstairs...hoooooooo   (enough, enough don't be ridicilous)**

 My eyes r glued 2da TV watchin' Food Network Asia (706) for hours!!!


Anonymous said...

Kesian nyer... later we go for crème brûlée frappuccino okay!

Posh Alert said...

Grande for me please!!!!!

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