Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Sailor Prince B'Day..

"I'm Popeye The Sailor Man"... toot! toot! Oh so...CLASSIQ!!!! I luv it.. my fav cartoon of all time.

Anyway, would like to dedicate this to my bro, Nicko, "The Sailor Prince" for his 27th birthday on 6th Oct last week. Oopsie daisy...A WEEK after..?! I know, a belated post...again;-)  All of us went for Tun M, The Musical theater at Istana Budaya as a special birthday treat for him (a day after his birthday, coz that was the day when he's back in KL).   

What would a birthday be without cake? Big or small or even a slice doesn't matter at least something to mark the occasion;-)  

taking a break from Chocolate & Cheese Cake..
Choice of The Day - Pandan Layered Cake
Happy Birthday CAPT. NICKO...!!

A nice small gathering at Casamadre with all of us (including my eldest brother from AS)...Cool!
"Wind to a sailor is what money is to life on shore" ...Sterling Hayden


p.s:  The last time we had pandan layered cake was MHubs/Stevie G big square 'football field' birthday cake (pix below) a few years ago  wooohh..quite sometime already no wonder it tasted so good & yummy.. hihihi 


nicko said...

cool..tq for the bday bash!!!tun m rocks....

Posh Alert said...

the pleasure is ours;-)

Posh Alert said...

nothing fancy but memorable...huhuhu

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