Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gossip Girls...

Meeting old friends always fun & lots of things to catch up so many 'hot' stories to update, full of laugh...bla..bla..bla.  A dinner date with the 'X-Club' ladies, Ms. HK & Madam Rozaen @ Madam Kwan's Empire Gallery.  This dinner supposed to be a replacement for Madam Rozaen's Hen Night @ RP, Hyatt...konon la hahaha which never took place till now, as usual BUSY! 

Whenever there's a date must have FOOD...
one of Madam Kwan's Specialities:  "Nasi Bojari"
coloured rice served with beef rendang, sambal udang & fried chicken.

 can't remember the name of this noodle with a big fat prawn..hmmm (Rozaen's choice).  

I miss those days ..where we can have breakfast,  lunch & tea everyday at the 'Club' :-(

Our next meet will be a 'Tea Session' at Huckelberry Cafe, BSC...yezzzz cakes & desserts! *okay, we'll see how soon will that be..ermmm*

Luv: P

p.s:  bumped into my bro & his FW right in front of Madam Kwan's entrance hhihi...;-)

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