Friday, October 1, 2010


The Latest trend now, Square and Box shaped handbags! Its the 'Square Craze' at Topshop, MNG, Forever 21 and online shopping boutiques.  Yup, another online shopping site to share it here.  They have 'ready stock' so I don't have to wait for months like my previous experience with Marissa Preloved for my LBD (Little Blue Dress). 

Got mine this afternoon!!

by Kangaroo Worlwide Express...
efficient & only RM8 for the delivery cost
1-2 day process..(order/payment/delivery)

*Square Clasp Box Hbag*
Classic, Stylish & CHEAP 

Just nice for my Movie Outing & Sunday Tea Party with my 'GG'...huhu;-)

Thanks to Bolster Store .  Super fast order & delivery process,  for a 1st time order, they definitely have given me good impression towards their online store and most importantly"What You See Is What You Get"...the item looks the same as in the pix. 

oopss..pass my bedtime;-)


Reminder: Hair appointment with new hairdresser tomorrow morning. 

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