Friday, October 29, 2010

JUST Jumpsuit..!

Actually this was our Monday morning 'Shopping  Stroll'  along Jalan Telawi, Bangsar to find ONE thing... JUMPSUIT. 
Think Jumpsuit, Shop Jumpsuit...

However, before that we'd planned to have a lovely breakfast at Huckleberry Cafe located inside Times Bookstore at Bangsar Shopping Centre.  We were the 'early birds' at BSC and most of the shops are still closed at 10:00 a.m.  Yeah..obviously we're too early and too hungry. Times Bookstore business hours starts at 10:30 a.m and  Huckleberry Cafe even later at 11:00 a.m *sigh*.  No sign of crepe, cakes or macaroons, no smell of latte or hot chocolate just an empty bar and cozy empty sofas & coffee tables. 

The 15 minutes of waiting wasn't wasted, reading GLEE..,taking a few snaps da..da..da..thought at least 'kill' the time, but still can't 'fill' the hungry stomach... then off we go to Telawi for Papa Rich! 

See you next time Huckleberry!

From Blook..To GOSS:PS...Next...Cats Whiskers...only 1 left (The biggest size of all)...Next... Tea & Symphaty....dresses, tops but no Jumpsuit, One boutique to another...SOLD OUT! What?! No more jumpsuit left ..All taken!  Bangsar Village - Zara - nil,  Warehouse - 1 available in black but the design a bit too much, Dorothy Perkins - 1 leopard print jumpsuit, a huge NO & Ted  Baker - 1 black formal Jumpsuit, too pricey unless its in "£"....*wink*

Finally found the 'closest target' Jumpsuit not from Bangsar shops but, @The Curve.... 

pix taken @ SkyPark...a few days after;-)
Oh yeah...met the lovely 'MH Ladies' ...Alin, Ambia, Rowena 
& 'thorn among the roses' - Mr. Rizal @ Big Apple *SMILEY*
Lately, a little bit drained of ideas to write...not a good sign I suppose, it usually happens when I'm tied up with lotsa work and trying to tune in to something more serious.  Sounds like I'm finding a reason and explanation to myself for the silence and no entries for the last couple of days here.  Might be due to the few meetings and  appointments I had this week, still adjusting & trying to get back on 'track'.  The 'leisure' period has just ended and more to come very soon;-) Better to be busy than bored!


Anonymous said...

Nice jumpsuit! Which shop did you but at the Curve?

Posh Alert said...

Thanks!!! bought it at one of the small shops e@curve..gosh I wasn't paying attention on the name of the shop coz I think dats the '10th' shops for the day hehehehe.

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