Saturday, October 9, 2010

Aesha Couture...

Errmm...,I missed the first tea party & soft opening of Aesha Couture Home Boutique last Saturday and this time "The Fashion Preview" definitely something not to be missed. Starts at 3pm to 6pm....Check-out the gorgeous & classy designs!!!!

more lovely colours.... nice! how about RED?! Maybe BLUE?! arrrhhhh..Caftan Craze!!!

Pink DiLemma...soft or shocking PINK!!!!!

Tips of the day....always go back to your FIRST choice;-)

Final Decision...

has been reserved 'exclusively' for me...BARBIE PINK!!! 

Its officially MINE...muahhh!!!  
**hey!.the camera flash changed the original colour..eeeee**

The purchased item nicely pack in a box for all customers- Stylo & Classy!!
Thanks Kak Ayu for the lovely crystal door gift;-)   

Wishing Aesha Couture "All the Best & Success"!!!



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