Tuesday, October 26, 2010


...PAUL the world-famous 'psychic' octopus died at his home at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany. You may click here: for the complete news:

Btw, Twitter was swamped today with 'news' 'updates' of PAUL's death - among the 'CrazyFunny' updates:

1.   Paul the Ironic Octopus dies. His last words were "So long, suckers..."

2.   Paul the octopus committed suicide after falsely predicting Rijkaard to replace Hodgson before  the blackburn game.

3.  Anyone want to buy calamari?

4.  England 2018 Ambassador Paul the Octopus has tragically passed away.  What will be your memories of Paul?

Memories??! Hmm..Yez, we were in Germany a few days after the World Cup Finale & he was undoubtedly famous over his perfect predictions then. Spain definitely loves him dearly!!! However,  it would take us around 6hrs journey from Grasbrunn (by train) to Paul's home in Oberhausen.   Regretfully we didn't have the time to do that:-(  Anyway, I did post a few entries on Paul  here..  months ago during the world cup fever..sob sob:-(

Goodbye Pauly!

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