Monday, June 28, 2010

Zakumi Boy...

Hey another surprise birthday @Casamadre in the month of June.  Its 12:50am (past midnight).... 2 big and 4 small candles on the New York Cheesecake, pressie & jerseys ON..all set

No longer a Secret...Time for the birthday boy to blow the candles 
make a wish

Ignore the ugly red wordings done by Secret Recipe..but 
the cheesecake is awesome!

A big support to England after the pathetic loss to Germany 4-1...

me in MU jersey haha whateva

Pressie from Lols -A mascott with an attitude...cute!!!
+ Brazil flip flop from us...World Cup fever

The Living Zakumi (in blue) & his mascot @ Laundry..taken a few days ago
now he owns it...the petite version

Zakumi:  Burpp...nice piece of cake;-)

A small surprise from us to 'Zakumi Boy' on his 24th Birthday. May Allah blessed him & all of us with perfect health and happy lives.  Amin!

Next birthdays will be in August & many in September...fuhh!

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