Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jakel not Hyde, Bijoux not Bonjour, Chawan not Cup...

Today's outing actually was to 'hunt' for Baju Melayu material for the three musketeers.  June gonna end soon and now approaching July, August is already fasting month..better start kickin' before the tailor says "Sorry we don't take any more orders..we're totally occupied & rushing to complete it before Raya. Unfortunately, I don't think I will go to Jakel again, oh yeah the one that we went to was WISMA JAKEL located at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.

I can't find the same material or at least similar with the one that I bought for them in Bandung, can't remember the name of the material...gosh! Anyway, the satin at Jakel I think its rather pricey @ 30.00 per metre for the best quality Dubai Satin.  I do like the cotton material with stripey print but then the colour really dull, Its @ 17.50 per metre if I'm not mistaken.  Seriously, lotsa money to spend on this for all three of them. I'd better go back to my usual shopping place @ Pasar Baru, Bandung, much cheaper, quality guaranteed & the type of material that I wanted and they like.  MAS will be flying to Bandung soon in July...Time to spread my wings;-)

Lunch time...craving for Lontong & Chicken Rendang.  Chawan, Bangsar would be the right place for a bowl of yummy Lontong & spicy rendang.

It taste as gorgeous as it looks...

finding the best WiFi signal..really @ Hot spot outside Chawan..Kiasu customer

After a good meal, time for window shopping at Bangsar Village. The new wedges collection @ Guess & the 'Kardashians' type of high heels @ Zara really caught my eyes.  So nice & sexy! Ok enough enough...Bisou bake shop's cuppies!!!!

One dark secret chocolate for me..please!!!!

Honestly it taste 10x better than the overated Wondermilk.  Its RM5 each & buy 5 get 1 free compared to Wondermilk @ 4.50 for each petite cupcake...arghhhh!

Gotta go now...tomorrow is the breadmaking workshop! Can't wait to roll up my sleeves and get serious with the dough;-) Tea with cuppies @ Bijou would be perfect after the class..hmm


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