Saturday, June 19, 2010


There's something about the World Cup 2010 official song...besides the undoubtedly gorgeous singer, Shakira that's for sure, the melody, the lyrics I just LOVE it.."Waka Waka This time for Africa", I guess I fell in love with the song when I first saw Shakira performing at the opening concert...errrr at home hahaha not even LIVE at The Mbombela Stadium and till now I'm addicted to the song and the video (on, cheerful and fresh.  Hmm.. at least one thing I like bout the World Cup;-)

Hey, my fav reality show (recently) Running In Heels has come to an end...the last episode was shown a day before yesterday.  Talita Silva got the job.  A big NO for both Samantha & Ashley.  Ashley was so devastated and it was hard for her to believe what Joanna has pointed out during the 'exit' interview.  The negative behaviour of her in which she tend to push people away in order to get to the top and to get what she wanted instead of working in a team. Which I personally think its very true based on the task and assignments given to her during the reality show.  Surprisingly Sam was very cool bout it and she took up all the criticism from Joanna with an open heart. She also accepted the advised and comments from Joanna that she's more suitable to work as a PR person and not for a Magazine. (For those who follow, you'll definitely aware what I'm 'mambling' about here).

Samantha, Ashley & Talita

Ohhhh I wish I can watch all the episodes all over again..admired the way Marie Claire professional Editor in Chief, Executive Editor, Fashion Editor & the personnel work in the fashion world.  So interesting and amazing just like in one of the episodes where Joanna has to attend a fashion show in Paris for 5 days and she had to take with her at least 30 clothes with matching shoes and handbags.  Can you imagine that!!! She got the whole listing prepared by her PA for the correct combination of clothing and shoes according to the date,venue & occasion.  Wow that's amazing and luxurious.  How nice to be in her shoes. Hmm..Dream on gal:-(

Just like Patricia Field, the woman behind the Sex & the City wardrobe. That's another WOW...though her RED hair looks a bit freaky like 'yikes'!! but she's the one, she's the costume designer  for the the most popular characters Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones in SATC. Gosh, I really really love (3x) the "fashion showcase".


Back to reality now...they'll always be my fashion icon*wink*
There's nothing more personal than STYLE..huh!

p.s:  received a call late afternoon yesterday from the"'Research Co." for the Snack Survey thingy. Most likely I'm selected to be one of the participants for the focus group next week. Cool..but there will be another confirmation call from them.  So, hopefully its a full YES.  This focus group also comes with a "homework", some sort of personal journal in power point to be prepared by the participants.  Better start kickin' now$$$

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