Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Again.. Another ..One more...

Another post on MH birthday, but this time a dinner celebration with Auntie and his son @ Victoria Station, Medan Damansara.  Perfect stake with fabulous sauce selection...Definitely a good choice!  As usual after having Nachos as the starter/appetizer, I can't finish the main course. Yezz.. no stake for me & Auntie.  I ordered Chicken Maryland with mushroom sauce. That's big enough for my tummy to accommodate.  Better surrender before it explodes.  Spare some for dessert.  

Actually, when we passed by the beautiful Ayuthaya Restaurant at the corner just now,  it reminded me of CSR department lunch sometime ago, my colleagues, the best water chestnut  dessert i had...so on and so forth. Arghhh! Please....erase it now .no more "those days..back then.."

Okay coming back to Victoria Station, we had a special treatment from the Jockey to the Captain and also the Owner.  Owes it to Auntie for the VVIP treatment, as 'she' being their longest and regular customer ever.  There were like 4-5 supervisors/waiters in and out to greet her/us handling our order and making sure we had the best serving.  Tip top!..and of coz they're getting a lovely tips from Auntie.

Trying to minimize my babbling tonight so just enjoy the photos and the captions;-)

A momento together...

Left: The ever gorgeous Auntie & his son

I guess this time around MH keeps getting the birthday gifts that he wished for. DKNY Art Limited Edition from Auntie.  Hmm...nice smell. 

 also a birthday card from Victoria Station's friendly & wonderful staff...

The dinner ended with a sweet caption of the chocolate cake...PERFECT! 

Kudos  to Victoria Station for having a wonderful hardworking crew that sang such an energetic birthday 'Acapella' ever.

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