Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Dumping...

Actually, I've been wanting to write on this for weeks but feels like too many things in my head.  Can't focus on the well covered topic lately. Almost everytime i surf-thru the online newspaper and watching the news on TV, there were so many cases of  BABY...being abused, dumped, killed, tortured, strangled and other unbelievable behaviours of people nowadays. The sickening part is when the babies were abused by their own parents, moms and dads and not forgetting the cases by the nannies and nurseries..shocking !!

Those parents who abused their kids...even worst Mum's boyfriend, lover, stepfather who abused the baby/kids, what are they thinking??? Can't they see the adorable face and how innocent the infant??  A lover or boyfriend beating up the kid was totally unacceptable, is this what u call LOVE.  How can you LOVE a man who doesn't deserve to be LOVED at all.  Whenever a marriage is on the rock, children will always become the victim.  This is reallly unfair to the children.  Parents should lead them not ruining their lives.  Unfortunately this baby dumping and child abuse have been such an 'infected disease'.  I don't know...a very sad thing.

There were so many 'Mom bloggers' out there who named the blog after their child and proud to document every move or every step of their babies. Just to show their loves, care and joy from their pregnancy period till the babies are born,  from Day 1 to the 1st birthday, and next.  Every single post focusing on the baby/kids, every inch of those happy moments were recorded in their blogs. This definitely shows the genuine LOVE of a mother to their child/children. I was brought up with a strong believe in mind that mother's love is UNCONDITIONAL. Definitely, there was no doubt about it.

I don't want to touch much on the topic of " A Missing Child' and how depressed and heart broken a mother was/can be.  Imagine, one who really loved the child but they lost it in a blink of an eye...and yet there were so many others who dumped their babies.  

When kids having kid on their own this is when the major problems begin.  They can't even take care of themselves and yet to take care an infant.  Utter nonsense! 

Who to be blamed? Why is this happening? How to put this to a STOP? Exactly an open Q&A for everyone who cares. Not for me to JUDGE but just to REMIND myself how darn lucky I am to have my parents, my (late) mother who never lay a single hand on us even our father. 

Do everything with LOVE, LOVE from the heart!!!!!! 

I guess even animals can show their loves.....

  WWF's photos...


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