Saturday, June 12, 2010

Demo Class

Magimix Demo Class conducted by Chef Gina @ The Cooking House, Desa Sri Hartamas was fun and informative with the very amazing (I prefer to call it) "MagicMix" Machine.  Its from France and really good for amateur, beginners or 'lazy' homemaker.  Worth the price for RM2,388.  Why not..!! if you have the money and also interest to use it as often as you can definitely a good choice, quick and easy.  No wonder most of the AFC chef cook/bake well and so easypeasy!! Its all about the machine.

I don't know how to explain but I do have the feeling that I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to baking cakes or cookies.  I never tried before just lack of confidence to bake. So, like I said yesterday, since I'm in the baking and breadmaking mode better go for it and do it right.  Done, registered for the baking class on 27th June 2010. Can't wait for the 'Bread Talk' hands on workshop with Chef Collin Lim and guess what, my long time friend Maria also interested to join. Yes, yes at least can be my partner in crime..;-)

Actually I'm so blessed that I remembered about this Cooking House, cozy ambiance, clean, convenient, interesting classes available and most importantly its completely affordable .  A few years ago when I was still attached to the 'Yellow' HQ, we were supposed to have our team building here but it was then rejected by the HR due to some company's policy or something.  Now, I'm in with my own 'ringgit'.

Oh yeah..not so many pix taken coz its only a Demo Class, more to observing, recipes taking and also listening.  Chef Gina demonstrated 3 different dishes including 3 different flavours of ice cream using the "Kuh" (mind the spelling) machine @ a special price for the first 100 customers'- RM998.  Cool & Nice to have..but I dun think I'm quite into ice cream making yet. Let me just focus on the baking and bread making first then maybe if it turns out to be excellent I'll consider the icy gadget.

The Recipes are (pls note:  Chef Gina used Magimix Machine for all this, the result might varies if you used normal mixer - especially the texture of the bun, swiss roll & ABC cake, i repeat- MAYBE) I have yet to experiment it just to record the recipes for my future ref)

1)  Swiss Roll 
Ingredients  A:
6 egg whites
1/4 tea spoon cream of Tartar
(beat this portion for 7-8 minutes)

Add on
Ingredients B:
6 egg yolks
60gm self-rising flour
mix with 30gm corn flour
3 tablespoon of fresh milk
3 tablespoon of corn oil
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence
(Bake for 18-20minutes)

*Cool it first before applying the jam on top, then roll it like in the pix( taken from the website)..

2)  Chicken floss Bun (Sweet Bread)
300gm high protein flour (bread flour)
40gm castor sugar
10gm milk powder (optional)
3-4gm salt
35gm unsalted butter
5gm instant yeast
150-170ml water
Chicken floss (serunding) for the topping. 

Again pix taken from the website 

3) ABC Cake (no pix )
Ingredient A:
7 eggs
(beat for 1minute till fluffy)

Add on
Ingredients B:
500gm vanilla sponge mix
300gm melted butter (Tatura or Anchor butter)

*bake in a 9 inch baking pan for 18-20 mins)
 *Result:  nice, fluffy butter cake

4) Indonesian rojak (no pix)
300gm roasted ground nuts
250gm gula melaka
100gm asam jawa juice 
red chili/bird's eye chili (cili padi) - your call how many you wanna put it

*Just a brief review on the rojak - Its taste good & so easy!!! 

Okie dokie I guess that's about it for my free promo and info sharing from Magimix demo class.   Maybe I can attract more of my old friends to join me and register for the baking classes*wink* the more the merrier.



treasure memories said...


I attende the demo class too. Was the ABC cake to be baked for 20 mins or 40 mins?

Posh Alert said...


Chef Gina said bake for 20mins;-)
I haven't tried it yet though.

Have a great day ahead!

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