Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've decided to end my long vacation & relaxation from the working life A.S.A.P.  So, I must find a suitable position before my birthday on September 13, 2010 that would be the deadline. Better get wiser before you get older.  Gotta reduce on FB, Twitter, blogs reading and all the non-beneficial surfing hours immediately!  This doesn't mean I'll stop blogging coz needed a place to jot all the 'story-mory'.

At least 3 hours in front of the lappy and set a target of sending 3 resumes to 3 companies each day and actively browsing JobStreet website from time to time. My own 'Deal' with me, myself & I. Hopefully will get something good soonest.  Missin' my corporate life..the events, the pressure, the buzy-ness etc. Enough chillax for the past 15 months time to face the working world AGAIN before i lose the 'golden touch'.

May the luck & faith be with me.."Amin".

Till my next post...ToodleZ

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