Friday, June 25, 2010


Yup just came back from my"love affair" Me & My Hair @ Peek-A- Boo The Curve.  Sam was my pro hairstylist for the day and I'm so so happy with the result.  She/He or 'Shim' balanced up my hair colour tone to dark brown and cover all the "WHITES" GREYS" "ROSES" whateva u call the super ugly unwanted strings of hair. It was a nightmare..bad hair day period all the time with my beanie coz the whites look more than the black ones..pretty scary!! Now..'grays free' for at least a month;-)

Good product definitely, experienced & talented Stylist indeed, reasonable charges...YES am officially will be one of  Peek-A-Boo regulars starting from this morning.  No more school days salon 'icons' Thomas & Guys & Kimarie.  Also, sorry to A Cut Above i have to cut you out.

For those who really need a new fresh look or  re-styling this is the right place for you.  Check-out their website for details.

don't peek lil' baby...

Now I'm ready for the ladies 'happy hour' @ Chili's Empire...oh how bout the thorn among the roses too. 
Will update before midnight CINDERELLA TIME.


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