Friday, June 25, 2010

Chill'in at Chili's..

As promised, here's the 'Cinderella's' update....Chili's @ Empire was opened about a month ago and the place seems to be the favourites.  Chock-A-Block is its first, middle & last name.  There were couple of guys & ladies queue-ing up infront of us @ about 7:15pm...we're on WAITING LIST no. 6 and sitting behind the counter to get a table...hmmm!

The moms arrived around 8:15-8:45pm. We've already finished a plate of Nachos & refill drinks for Baze & Reez.  For me a bottle of Perrier & 4pcs of Nachos just sufficient.  The lamb looks good though, but I don't take lamb chop or anything gotta do with lamb. 

Our starter (Reez, Baze & me)...while waiting for the 3 ladies..

Here comes the organiser cum "master of ceremony" in 'Syrian Tudung'...As usual loads of laughter..gossiping & posing...

short of one mummy still finding parking@P1

Finally a full quorum @8:45pm..the photographer wasn't captured in any of our pix..
the thorn among the roses...pity him being bullied by us;-)
btw the two minor one of the mummy's boy & girl also not in the pix..

Time to order for the main course...(none of us remembered to take photos of the meal so thanks to the website)

Hunny's choice..

2 moms' choice 
(buy 1 get 1 replacement after they complained the lamb was not properly cook, mostly fat)
so altogether 2 plates  for each of them..

molten chocolate dessert...regret of all I didn't order this & yet am craving for it *sigh* 
no 'partner in crime' most of them not a sweet tooth:-(

Our makan-makan ended @ 10:00pm before the football halftime..Portugal vs Brazil. Hunny's 'little gems' already restless and in cranky mood.  While Sheem has to buy milk for her baby Rania, Baze has another date with family members and Reez has to travel back to Semenyih (quite a distance) so we declared end of nite.

Short chit chat but lotsa fun!!!!!

Nite nite.

p.s:  as usual I can't find my car, the 'hopeless syndrome' in remembering where did I park is getting crucial...

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