Tuesday, November 30, 2010

POS Malaysia...

1st entry on the wedding prep...INVITATION CARDS!

Buying stamps @ the post office..WHEN WAS YOUR LAST TIME???? Can you recall? No! same goes to me. Maybe a year ago or even more since the existence of email, fb, sms, mms, do you really need to buy stamps anymore? Hmmm..the most recent one for me, sending parcel to Gramps by "Pos Laju" & some docs by  "Pos Express".  Whateva it is, for the wedding invites I still need to buy stamps to post 'em all...Ting! So, the most convenient and relax post office environment ever is SKYPARK, Subang Airport. 

The conversation between me & the lady @ Skypark Post Office: 

Me   :  Saya nak setem 30sen x 30keping...nak kirim kad dalam negeri, setem 30 sen kan kak? 

Lady:  Oh..sekarang untuk surat kurang dari 20gm setem 60sen bagi sampul putih, kalau sampul   
           warna lain 80 sen ...

Me   :  Okay...*blushing* dah lama ke implement harga baru ni? *sound so ingorant* 

Lady:  *She's pointing to the board......"

 w.e.f April 2010 
Me  :  Hmm...bagi saya setem 80sen 20 keping je la (trying to minimize the cost hahahaa)
          Kalau nak kirim ke Indonesia by Poslaju berapa ye kak?

LadyLebih kurang Rm40+ satu untuk Poslaju ke Bandung & Jakarta, tapi kena timbang. 

Me   :  Ok..terima kasih kak!

WOW!! I think its much cheaper for me to fly there and send all the cards personally by hand to all my relatives...FORGET IT!  Looks like more invites to go through  FB especially for the younger generations (frenz & cuz) NO POSTAGE required.  However, the 'oldies' still prefer cards, protocol wise and what not.  Don't worry Granduncles & Grandaunts just wait for the MAIL:-)

Actually, I couldn't agree more on this article here and I believe the increase was reasonable & most needed by Pos Malaysia.  Dont you think so peeps????


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