Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chawan, Bangsar...

After a 'series' of uncounted postponement to our date/chat @ Chawan, we (my bff, her cuz & I) finally met at Chawan for tea as well as dinner...last Friday. 

My favourite dish/-es @ Chawan..."Lontong w Chicken Rendang", "Ubi Rebus & "Pisang Kukus"..if you guys happen to stop by @Chawan these are the 'must' order item from the Menu.  If not all, either one or if you can finish it all why not.  Anyway, since the photographer's "1,2,3, breath in..." remarks still fresh in mind.  I decided to order one of the above  ONLY ....

Pisang Kukus w kelapa & sambal tumis...yummy! The whole plate is mine...!

Nany, my BFF ordered "Tahu Bakar" then later when her cuz, Nana came....(dun get confused kay its Nany & Nana *smiley*.   Btw, Nana's office is just right at the back of Chawan, heaven for her isn't it can 'do' Chawan anytime..such a lucky gal) ....they ordered Nasi Lemak & Curry Mee (sorry no pix for both coz I was distracted by the two alluring dishes) Fuhhhh...So tempting!  demmmmmm!!!!  Me being a 'good girl' all the way...I said No to both offers:-( Its okay, have to watch my diet...I dun wanna be fattttttt please please God help me...not in a zillion years never ever in my life. 

Just take a look at our photos especially the close-ups (most of 'em).... I really think I need to lose a bit of weight & ensure that my white shirt doesn't look so tight......*arrrgghhhh*

Time for Lomo fr IPhone...Classic!

Nana was our 'photographer' for the nite...hihihi dats explain why only ONE photo of her below:

Nana (in blue)...she's so slim but not me???!!!! Okay,  stop being paranoid, will work on the extra inches & unneeded weight soonest....gosh!

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