Thursday, November 18, 2010

Traders Hotel, KL

1st thing come to mind when anybody mention Traders I straight away tune in to the cool & classy rooftop  SKYBAR on the 33rd floor.  Simply D' best place to have a romantic couple anniversary, birthday date or proposal moment....wuahhhh!  I bet when you look at the pix you'd want to ask your bf, hubby, partner to go for a drink *wink*...

 of coz not from my camera...."too good to be true";-)
Located in the heart of KL just opposite the Petronas Twin Towers, next to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) even sharing the same parking area , for guest you can park @ P1 &  nearby MO (Mandarin Oriental).  Frankly speaking the signage to Traders is horribly small plus the busy construction work right in front of the turning into Jalan Pinang.  

Why do I post on Traders??! Because my old friend aka my ex-ITM coursemate (batch 93-96) is here in town.  She's currently attached to one of the Malaysian oil & gas company based in Turkmenistan (Former Soviet Union - to the west Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan to the north). Oh My!  Of all the places she's now an 'expat' in a 'faraway' land.   As long as she's happy there and I believe so, with a darn good income (in USD)  for the past 1 1/2 yrs, hell of an experience of coz thats for sure with different culture, the food especially, but the great majority of Turkmen identify themselves as Muslims at least one thing in commonActually if not becoz of her I may not know much about Turkmenistan, the country in detail unless  from WiKi.  

So, she decided to stay a couple of days in KL to meet 'frenz'...dats me loh;-) I'm her 'driver' cum 'tour guide' during her stay @Traders..'.fetch 'n send' da..da..da...SHOPPING!! Yez, I'm ready as ever.  Okay, come I take you through our 1st day out upon her arrival in KL starting from Traders to the shopping spree at Pavilion and of coz food darlin', Yeeha...!!!

The lobby area on the 5th Floor...

"Lets go up to the room on the 14th floor..."

RM530++ per night - Deluxe Twin Tower View

nice view...
I've stayed @MO before & personally for me with the same standard, I prefer MO *twice*...(my preference) 

I think the LCD TV- ermm...wall-mounted would be better (just a suggestion)

ransacking her room....LoL
Hey, this is my fren, Suzana Abu Bakar (or Suzie, I fondly called her that piss her off everytime hahaha) "Zan Burn okay..." whateva *rolling eyes*

she's the same old person whom I know 14 years ago...the only thing different is her HAIR (rebonding)!

Pavilion Time...
In the mood for CHRISTMAS....!

Late lunch @3pm....
La Bodega's signature Tapaz, Lamb Meatball..
which Zan refers to as 'masak kicap' .."What!!! you're insulting the chef  my dear fren"..hahaha 

Crema catalana aka Crème brûlée...perfecto!!

 Strawberry smoothies for me & Mango Juice for Zan (no mango in Turkmenistan)...

Up n down, In & Out from one shop to another with a hand full of paper bags, the growling tummy need to be fed with more solid food than La Bodega sweet dessert & smooties.

Fish & Chip Zan's choice.. ( the fish in Turkmenistan doesn't taste as good as ours)

This is "WICKED GOOD"!!!!
Gourmet Chicken Pie for me (all time fav beside the gorgeous Pancakes w Strawberry & Cream)

It was nice to see her again especially when we can make fun of each other and talk about the good old days.  Though my feet hurt after the 'thousand miles' walking in a 3" high heels *sigh* for old friend sake..Its my pleasure!

That's how I spent my Saturday last week!  Till my next 'Hotel' post but this time "2 star down";-)

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