Friday, November 5, 2010

1st Cuppies Project <^;^>

"Nothing like the amazing Cupcake Chic, of coz not as cute as Cutebites & you may not have known it like the  famous Wondermilk"... Hey! Cut it! Its just our Homemade Cuppies...ahaks!~

Vanila cupcakes (White Wings cakemix)
bake at 180'C for 20-25mins

oopsie! looks like some overflow there...
chocolate topping..why?! coz we're a bunch of "ChoCoLat" lover here...

Honestly, I find this cuppies project really tedious and time consuming ( tu belum lagi buat all the tiny winy deco stuff) Sorry, I'm out, there's no 'art' in me..hahaha.  "Take it away sista...!"  So, the credit goes to Lolls for the finishing touch.  Me?! Just putting it all in a basket & box;-)

A small basket of cuppies for the neighbour's dotter, Suri Cruise 'look- a- like'...seriously she's so CUTE!
The one in the box is specially made for Lolls bff so thats it! The balance goes to us... 

Next round, IF there'll be another cuppies project, I think I will just buy the fondant deco (cute little roses, butterflies etc) from Cake Connection, PJ.  Place em on top of the white frosting...yeay! Who said I can't do any 'art' *wink*

Anyway, HAPPY DIWALI  or HAPPY DEEPAVALI to friends celebrating this festival of lights.  May this Diwali brings every joy & happiness to you and your loved ones. 

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