Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daring Woman-Korean Drama...

안녕 하세요? An-nyeong ha-se-yo? HELLO, greetings which literally means 'are you at peace')
 만나서 반가워요 Man-na-seo ban-gab-sm-ni-da. Nice to meet you!

네 / 예  - ne / ye.  YES but they use 'ne' more often.
아니오 - A-ni-o or A-nyo in short.  NO

감사합니다 kamsahamnida.  THANK YOU

Learn Korean & Speak Korean by watching Drama? Ermm...Possible, maybe simple phrases like Hello, Yes, No, Thank You & Goodbye..,,;-)  Look at the writing, gosh that's pretty tough to learn Korean huh;-)

So, only NOW!  I'm addicted to Korean Drama...Where was I when the whole world was crazy about WINTER SONATA??? What have I been doing at that time??? IGNORANT ME! *shy*  Anyway, since I've just started or in the beginning to 'diversify' my movie selection.

Daring Woman on Astro OneHD Channel 393 Mon-Fri @ 10:15pm to 11:30pm (Repeat@4pm or refer to your Astro Guide) as at 23rd Nov - Episode 76 out of 105.  A long way to go...but you can cut to the chase hahaha.  No HD channel at home or you've missed it from Day 1, don't worry with today's technology always has the 'remedy' Watch it here!

The main actors & actress that attract me to watch Daring Woman weeks ago...(@episodes - 56 if I'm not mistaken)
Han Gyoo-Jin, the rich Hubby...Father of 2 grown-ups (he definitely look so young for the character but I think he's cute kakakah) & a Mummy's Boy...

Ji Soon-Yeong, a strong woman, a mother to a 6yr old girl (adopted child), a DiL, SiL, MiL and also a loving her character. She nailed it! No wonder she won couple of awards; KBS Best Young Actress (2001), KBS Best New Actress (2002) & Queen of Tears (2006).

Hong Bo-ok, the 'overpowering' Grandmother, Mother to Soon Yeong's Hubby, Han Gyoo-Jin...every single thing must go thru her for her approval fuhh! She looks more fierce in the drama and a bit weird looking facial features...hiks

Han Joo-myeong, the obedient son, loyal & loving young husband...unfortunately his wife is taking advantage of it...she has lied about so many things including being pregnant!

Wang Se-bin, a desperate woman, selfish, full of herself....she hates her MiL, Ji Soon Yeong and even her own flesh n blood Soon Yeong's adopted daughter (finally the truth will be revealed in tonite's episode)....YES! I don't like her...*that means she's good* Btw, she's pretty right, common Korean stars 'mannequin' look. The Wonder Girls & all the models in the online shopping website, I noticed they all look-a-like...Plastic Surgery??hmmm...

Ha Eun-Sil, Se-bin's mother who always behind her, supporting and encouraging her in a way to be a selfish, greedy & 'unrespectable' woman...

Han Joo-ran, the youngest & only daughter in the Han's family, rebellious attitude in the early stage of his father's new marriage. Always have doubts with her SiL (Wang Se-bin)..hmm even more in tonite's episode!

Hwang Mo-ran, a humble cousin to Soon-Yeong aka "a shoulder to cry on friend" always there for each other...

Alright, I think quite an intro there or maybe too much of details already....See it for yourself! If you like it *high five* if worries a lot more Korean Drama available in KBS World Channel 391. Your choice..your preference!

안녕히 계세요 An-nyeong hi-ga-seyo Goodbye...

My friend, Su told me to check out "Cinderella's Stepsister"....sad story (I'll definitely cry babe!)*cengeng*  Yes, soon to be my next in line 'KBS Drama' ...maybe after the last episode of Daring Woman, one at a time. Keep it Cool!

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