Monday, November 8, 2010

Tis Time 4 Africa... Amboi! Someone there is really having FUN huh;-)  Tis is what happen when one person traveling and the other at home, as for now my inbox is swamped by mms photos! The social networks - twitter, fb is the best way to stay connected wherever you are  (provided there's internet connection la) & of coz tis is when Skype is mostly & highly used, foc! why not. 

hmm...table mountain view before landing.  Show off la tu;-))) 

go get the REAL one @ the Safari...hahaha

Must be the street @ The Pepper Club Hotel & Spa, Cape Town...

Normally, if he's travelling with me, there'll be hundreds of pix, snapshot from the beginning to the end mesti muka Madame P....who else me, myself & I.  This time around take loads of your own pix okay!  The cam is all yours, make use of it! 

Alrite! as for me over here, nothing much to update just a 3-Day 'something' at Sri Hartamas. Will disclose once all completed *wink*


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