Friday, November 19, 2010

ITM Hotel...

Why I said "2 star down" in my earlier post? I was actually referring to the 3* ITM Hotel as compared to 5* Traders. We had Lunch at Anggerik Terrace Coffee House. This hotel really brought back so many fond memories to me.  Remember my BFF in my "Chawan" post,  she was my junior but we were roommates @ Seroja College so thats explain why we've become good friends since then. We used to have our Hi-Tea moment there on Friday (not every week just twice a month), the best part we even had our regular waiter on special request.  Most of the waiters at that time were trainees (HotCat -Hotel & Catering) practical students.  I can't remember the name of our fav waiter, but he was 'cute' hahaha and one of them (only 2 fav waiters anyway) happened to be my BFF's so called 'Boyfriend', *puppy love*.

Okay back to the lunch story, more or less about 14 years I did not step in to ITM Hotel,  last Sunday, I was there! with Zan & the others, our X-coursemate.  Earlier, the confirmed numbers coming were 8 pax but at the end only 3 turned up including me & Zan = 5 of us! Haihh..! Ain't easy to do a 'reunion' even just a small get together with old friends.  Some said KLCC too far then we decided to change the venue to Shah Alam, STILL the turn up not encouraging.  How la???!!! Nevermind, 5 of us + one guy (Zan's colleague in Turkemnistan who came later) not bad at all we had a good laugh.  Nice to see them in person again instead of communicating thru FB only.

Any significant difference to the Coffee House now compared to years ago? Hmm.. nothing much I guess but its the same quiet & peaceful environment. I feel so nostalgic!

After "XoXo" , photo session 1st lerr, all still lookin' fresh w lipstick on.... *smiley*

From Left:  Who else;-), Sal, Zan, Che' Lin & Ezu....

The  'English' tablecloth  only for our table &  no other customer but us there @ 12:30pm..

Menu please...yeah I'm hungry for rice!!!!

Appetizer - "Rojak Buah"... oops missed this out sorrrrryyyyy no pix <^:^>

The 5 main meals + 1 milk shake + 4  juices.....

Mine...Nasi putih & Sambal Udang + Telur Dadar *lapar nasi* LoL

Ezu's - sweet & sour fish

Che' Lin's "Kueteow" Pulau Mutiara...Penang la tu;-)

 Sal's "MeeHun" Ulek Mayang...wah wah so the 'drama'

 ONLY Soup in a Bun for Zan...I guess this is more to appetizer fren! hihi
(she had heavy international buffet breakfast @ Traders)  

Next...DESSERT of coz (but I'm too full already, "sorry babes, I pass" )

Since banana is bloody expensive in Turkmenistan (as well as in Europe, Middle East)....Zan's colleague, Mr. Tuah ordered another one.  OMG!  TWO gorgeous banana split in front of my eyes... D'TEMPTATIONS *arrgh* tell me about it!!!!!

If you happen to be at the neighbourhood (Seksyen 2,  Shah Alam)  drop by and taste the food at Anggerik Terrace...Btw, the bill came up to a total of RM150 only *Ting*...okay right!

Oh yeah to Zan.. (if you read this..not sure whether she knows the existence of my blog) a million thanx to you for the two consecutive days Special Treats!! wait.!!! Another photo session again *last shot* or two...*wink*

Au revoir....

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