Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid Al Adha...

SALAM AIDIL ADHA!!!! This year can't 'Balik Kampung' coz it falls on Wednesday, 17th November which is in the middle of the week. So, we just celebrate it here at Casamadre for the first time anyway. Not much prep for Aidil Adha just the normal 'Raya' food.."Ketupat Nona + Masak Lodeh + Tauchu Udang". Hmm..Rendang??! Ihave yet to attempt making my own Chicken or Beef Rendang. One fine day kay;-) Ala, cooking is an art right so why worry JUST DO IT! lol

Can't stay long in front of the lappy today coz we're going off to Bukit Kiara to visit mom's grave.

However, it seems incomplete until & unless I end every post with usual<^;^>

Here're some of our Raya Aidil Adha pix last year?!..oh maybe two years back nevermind its still the same old us except my hairstyle & colour, a bit different (it changes every year) @Cendrawasih (Gramps house)& Teratak Seri (MIL's house) in RED theme except Gramps he refused to wear red coz the colour "too vibrant" for him...errmmmm

Another reason why we do not plan to go back to AS also bcoz, have to wait till Gramps fully 'settle down' after the flood.  There's lotsa repair work need to be done, the flooring, carpet, furnitures... etc *sigh* Work in Progress now!

Okay peeps,  have a great day ahead & enjoy your quality time with family &  friends!


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