Saturday, November 20, 2010


It was pouring rain on Friday afternoon (yesterday).  Luckily its only for a while coz we're too excited to go for a jog, yezzz jogging...;-) 

All set, ready...!"Semangat Berkobar-kobar...kononnyer"

Walking...Warm-up first....

The 1st round....Hey! wait for me guys!!!!!!!

Look at that..(focus on the swing), What do you see??? THEM isn't it!

"wahwahwah....Dua Kanak-Kanak Riang"

enough with the Swing Nicko...

Helloo...this is more like it... for you!

 Or maybe this one....

Ermmm...sounds pretty easy or looks easy but nah....

 You gotta have a good grip & strong arm coz otherwise you'll slip....I've tried:-(

Not much 'Jogging' (1 round je) but more on the 'Stopover'...hehe
Basket(BALL)...Time to have one!

Then we can have a game Girls vs Boys..nice huh!!!

"Slam Dunk..."

Definitely not Taqraw..OK for Badminton  but prefer the indoor court (at the guardhouse) less windy;-)

Alright, done with the jogawalk.....

Lets do REFLEXO....

So, with all these facilities just steps away from our Casa, what we need to do now is put some effort to become 'SPORTIVE' and EXERCISE more! Exercise is really important for us, read it somewhere on the 3 reasons why IT is Important...

1. Improve physical health.
2. Reduce stress symptoms, anxiety & depression.
3. To lose weight.  *This I LIKE*

Insya'allah we'll do our very best to increase it from time to time and also to all of you out there,  Do what you can. Take one step at a time..don't force yourself!

Good Luck  & Ciao!

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