Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It has been a long time since my last photoshoot for print ad. That was in 2007 OSIM U-Zap  for Women's Day & Merdeka advertisement in selected newspapers & magazines. Also the longest & most tiring shoot ever from 9am till 9pm (at least for me) no lunch, no dinner what an experience but the ad turned out great though they printed my age as 38 (5 years older than I was then)....hmmm.  I still keep the newspaper cutting actually...but need to scan 'em. Maybe later kay!

If  6 years ago I was in Female magazine for a "Beauty Makeover",  this time around I'm 'IN' for a "Hair Makeover" at Curlers & Trimmers. That was the 3-Day 'event' all about at Desa Sri Hartamas last week. 

Monday & Tuesday nothing much just on hair consultation with Annita Hisham ( The Owner of CnT). The real hair finishing/finale started at 10am on Wednesday, cut, colour, highlights...about 4hours process then after that the photoshoot, at 1:45pm till about 4pm. Yabadabadooooo....

Tada... my new hairstyle
I got my POSH 'BACK'...

Thanks to Sherona for the nice shot;-)

This was in between the photoshoot (while waiting for the photographer to 'fine tune' the lighting, angle so on & so forth) Just to share some 'cute' or  I'd take it as quite 'funny' remarks from the photographer:  
 1. "okay, give me your full smile, coz when you smile you look more friendly.." *ooopss*
2. " I count 1,2,3 just take a deep breath..Hold it there..."  *double ooopss*
        (wanna know why? coz my muffin top/tummy is showing)    

This is Annita Hisham the sifu, 
the expert, the ever humble & nice lady...I really admire her! 

A sweet smile from Sherona D'Cruz (only one alphabet different from my name..thats why Annita jokingly call us 'IN' & 'ON') hahaha..  Million thanks to Sherona for being my 'Stylist' during that photoshoot...tq darling!

More & more 'delayed posts' to come...I was too occupied with appointments last week.  Finally, I'm back on track & have time to blog now...pheww!


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