Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Merdeka!        Merdeka!    Merdeka!
Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Merdeka ! Merdeka !
Tetaplah merdeka
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia
Hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka

Mari kita seluruh warga negara
Ramai-ramai menyambut hari merdeka
Merdeka !
Tiga satu bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari mulia negaraku merdeka
No marching, No Parade for us...off to The Historical State, Malacca...yahooooo;-) I think among the 14 states in Malaysia, I really adore Malacca, besides its historical background and the heritage trail, Malacca always has a special spot in my heart ever since my CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) days at the "Yellow" HQ.  The Portuguese language preservation under our D'Amazing Malaysian project was a memorable experience of all.  So many sweet memories back then *sob..sob*.  

Reached Masjid Tanah around noon went straight to Nicko's rented house at Taman Cherry Indah just for a quick visit. We've already booked a room at Everly Resort Hotel, Pantai Klebang for a day use.  No plans to stay overnight in Malacca, a bit tedious with Gramps around.  So, just a comfy place for us to freshen-up and relax before and after breaking of fast. 

Everly Resort Hotel (formerly known as Riviera Bay Resort Malacca)..MAS used to have several units here for the staff facilities. We were among the lucky ones who had the opportunity to stay at Riviera (many years ago) at a very minimal rate per night in a two bedroom apartment and also a few other family hols at Tanjung Tuan Beach Resort, Port Dickson & The Pines Resort, Fraser's Hill with late Mom (Mama). That was then, now no more apartment units owned by the national carrier:-(   

The view from our room....
a special thanks to my bff & hubby for the lovely arrangement!
must always have good connection..*wink*
spacious living room...


The bedroom..

"Jom Ronda" Malacca Town...

 Eye on Malaysia - temporarily closed for maintenance

Grandpa & Grandson..nice hats dude;-)

Next stop, the famous Malacca icon Dutch Square - Christ Church, STADTHUYS, the clock tower...

with the grandchildren...

looking good..huh;-)
choosing the right hat..Boboy's influence

"A climb" for Gramps to reach the Stadthuys sign..Yezz, you can do it!!!!

Asam Pedas Kota Laksamana...

Honestly, no doubt the place is famous, also crowded, yet overrated. I don't think there will be a second time for us, nothing special about the Asam Pedas.  I think Brahim's Asam Pedas & Mak Nyonya Asam Pedas sauce taste better no need to drive all the way to Kota Laksamana.  There are so many stalls and Asam Pedas restaurant in Malacca Town.  The choice is YOURS!

Back to the hotel for snack & coffee time. We left Everly around 10pm. Reached home safe and sound 2hrs later. zzzzzz......

Luv:  P
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