Saturday, August 28, 2010


The never ending story of the cutlery set Gramps wanted.  The Daily IKEA offer price @ RM39 (only valid on Aug 5) while the  Normal Price  is RM59.   He keeps asking the same question over and over again..."When can we go to IKEA again?", "Is it far from our house?", " Where exactly..Subang or Damansara?".  Alright, IKEA it is...Its  Saturday! Its gonna be crowded and PARKING NIGHTMARE...arrggghh!!

Situation :  @ IKEA Housewares section  
The Conversation Goes Like This....

Me               :  Is it this one? 
Gramps       :    How much?

Me               :   RM59 no more discount or special price 
Gramps       :  Hmm..its OK.

Me              :  Green, Black or White?
Gramps      :  Which one do you like?
 Lolls          :  I like black

Gramps     :  The shape just normal nothing special but the green nicer. 
Me             :  Yeah...

Gramps    :  Do you really like the green?!
Me           :  Hmm...I'm okay, I think its nice.

Gramps   :  Its for YOU...a gift for your new house
Me          :  Oh okay...(with confused look) 

Lolls      :  Then, better take the Black one coz it blends with our plate and dining table. 
 Me       :  Let him choose its his gift to us. 
Lolls     :  ooh...
Gramps:  *Smiley* face

Green - Perfect colour for "Hari Raya"..
6 pax - just enough for us..

Such a sweet thought.  Thanks Gramps!  Now, I feel so guilty for losing my temper over this thing and his 'fussiness'.  My Bad!

Have you taste this? PEAR drink.. Cheers! How do I describe the taste....short & simple "Pear+weird" its RM6 per can (cheaper to think in Euro)....hahaha


Luv: P

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