Monday, August 9, 2010

KFC Hot & Spicy Shrimp then IKEA...what's next??

Gramps=Grandpa=OP is in town till early Sept..Wowie! one whole month at Casamadre.  He's here coz no caretaker or maids to stay with him during fasting month back in AS (Alor Setar).  That means...a very BUSY month definitely for me & all of us in the house. He and his 'daily eating schedule' - Breakfast (scrambled egg & baked beans, corned beef, peas & poached egg or just cheese & jam) @ 8:30am, lunch @ 1.30pm, tea time @ 5pm, dinner (anything but rice) @ 8:45pm & supper (coffee & cookies) @ 11pm , 12 midnight - Sleep..zzzz.  Yup, super duper extra work, table setting, tasty home cooking, the tea must be hot enough..bla..bla..bla, just a lil bit of intro on my 91yr old Grandpa;-)

He saw one big KFC new ad...the Hot & Spicy Shrimp in the The Star newspaper after his daily headlines reading, straight away a dinner meal request for the nite.  He luv it to the max! me too..hihi.  But the only complaint from him "its too small pack of 5pcs Shrimps"....hmmm.

His 2nd "discovery".. IKEA  Raya promo.  A'ha.. that's where we spent our Saturday with him...He wanted to buy the cutlery set 24pcs= RM39 must be for our  "Family Raya Makan-Makan" at his house.  But then the promo only valid on 5th August, its called renew and rejoice with daily savings - "EASY change in every Kampung 5 Aug - 12 Sept". Whateva...I dunno but this kind of discount really confusing especially for the 'elderly' customer, we really had a hard time to explain to Mr.Grandpa.  HELP!!!

with this...easier and faster to bring him around the shopping mall
He can walk & still drive back home...(with lotsa accidents to his current & previous cars)

Next stop...Cold Storage for his Mustard, it has to be AMERICAN mustard *sigh*.  Tea time...he wanted to have Chicken Puff  from the bakery while for us  IKEA hotdogs were just perfect.  A very tense 2 hours shopping indeed at IKANO not because of lotsa people but one cranky Gramps;-) Anyway, kinda cool though to have him around in some way.  Long Live Gramps!!!!

*Just a note here on the wheelchair service for general info and also good to know:  
If you need a wheelchair service at The Curve you have to put a deposit of RM50 and your IC at the customer service counter (such a rigid rule and a bit ridiculous on the deposit)  even a classy mall like Pavilion KL provides wheelchair services for the shoppers and why not The Curve??!!  and yet IKEA provides wheelchair and stroller for shoppers without taking any deposits, Identification Card or what not just jot down your name, IC no. contact no. and home address on their record books, its convenient, simple & fast.  I don't understand WHY? The Curve  need to make it complicated for those in need for the services. 

Luv: P

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