Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pizza - "Fuss"

* Pick of the Day - Fast Food *
1st choice KFC  - guess what the outlet at our neighbourhood was under renovation, apparently it's closed w.e.f today (25.8.10).  No notice, no signage, NOTHING not even "Work In Progress" sign or whatsoever!

2nd choice McD but then we just had it for "sahur" few days back.  Hmm, next in line....

Pizza Hut...
Made a reservation @7pm & selected the Set Meal for 4 pax   
(Only four of us, MHubs had a break fast session @ Seri Melayu, KL) 
so its a 'no-rice' day...Yeay;-)
Then comes Gramps  "making fuss as his trademark" it goes:-

1.  The soup is not HOT other words its COLD! 
Tend to agree with him at this point, coz they served the soup 20mins before the time to break  fast.....that explain WHY!

2.  A small packet of Dates, compliment from Pizza Hut
even before he complain,  I've already changed it with Yusuf Taiyoob's honey dates (softer and tastier) Yez, brought some from home, always come prepared..

3.  He prefers Super Supreme than Pepperoni & Cheese.
     Reason: Not much taste on the pepperoni, plainly cheese...
but we luv it!

4.  The Set Menu (which i chose) should come with a dessert, at least one scope of ice cream.  
 My reason for not choosing the "Citarasa Ramadhan" menu, though it has DESSERT simply because there's rice included and knowing Gramps he will definitely make an issue out of it.  He would say, "Pizza Hut should be serving their signature dish which is Pizza - with side orders i.e.  salad, soup, garlic bread and pasta but NOT rice or satay!"

5.  He's all geared up with his "uniform" for the prayer (Terawikh) just incase we'd be draggie with the 'eating & chatting'...hmmm
 Nah, we were very alert and perfectly in time for rush at all. Trust us Gramps!

Overall, had a good meal and 'fine' dine out with dearest Gramps.  Honestly, i always think it would be great to record all the interesting stories of Gramps while he is still here with us. Though sometimes his fussiness and grumpiness can be universally annoying but at least I/We *would like to stress this to my sibblings* can read back and remember every bit of him during his healthy life and feeling fortunate to have a 91yr old Gramps who can still share the wonderful journey of  his life including my childhood years as if I was only born yesterday.  At his age, he definitely has a strong mind and a good memory indeed. Two thumbs up!!!

"Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home"....

Luv: P 

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nicko said...

craving for super duper oven...saya mau....haha

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