Thursday, August 19, 2010

Raya Prep...

Now: Ramadhan & Next: Syawal. Yezz, we'll be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri approximately 3 weeks from today!

I've ordered some 'Raya Cookies' for us including Gramps and also MIL.  Chocolate Chips & 'Que Makmur' from CuteBites Shop @ TTDI.  As for the Jam Tart or  "Que Tart", ordered from a new source (click)..... Actually still looking for a few more types.

Btw, I used to order cupcakes from CuteBites Shop, oh yeah one of  it was in the month of Ramadhan last year.  I gave 'em the design I wanted & the result was satisfactory. See it for yourself...

Cute isn't it! Only RM40 for 16pcs...nice fondant -chocolaty cuppies!

That's on the selected choice of " Raya Cookies", how about "Raya Couture"...wah wah!!! Theme colour?? Type of material?? Hmm..."Indo Kebaya", lace with corset style for the past 2 years, not again...BORING!!

 Why not chiffon for this year, maybe..perhaps..let it be a surprise okay! Wait for my 'Raya' post & (pose)..hehe
For the guys,  Emmer Zegna or John Master would be the options. 

Gosh..I'm so in love with the Kaftan or Caftan which is the In- Thing right now...
Gonna check it out at the nearest boutiques very soon (D'Monalisa, Shah Alam- saw some of their collections on WHI-TV3). This is definitely a must buy item.  I know its a bit pricey but Too Gorgeous Too Resist!

What say you?

Luv: P

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