Monday, August 23, 2010

"Baju Kurung" Cotton....

I LUV the beautiful selection of English or British cotton and even Japanese cotton for a simple "baju kurung" with soothing floral print, soft colour combination, cool & comfy. The price also varies the higher the price, the better quality the fabric.  Those days, cotton more popular for kiddo & granny but nowadays, it has become a trend and ready made "baju kurung cotton" are easy to find with very reasonable price.

Oh yeah..what's with the subject of  this "baju kurung" cotton out of the blue, I accidentally found this cloth in my closet drawer with many others I bought maybe last year or two years ago...sorry, can't recall when exactly, some from Bandung and Nagoya..(not Nagoya, Japan, not yet) but Nagoya Textile at Carefour Subang Jaya..hehe;-)

No choice but to send this one to the tailor...*sigh*

Thinking of adding a few more to my own collection. This time will opt for ready made rather than spending unnecessary amount on tailoring which is prohibitively expensive! Except if you know any Home-based Tailor back in Kajang, Rawang or Sekinchan (I simply name  these places coz located far from town, there's a possibility to get cheaper  tailoring rate compared to Bangsar, TTDI & Subang Jaya )...Ahh! So much hassle.  

"Try, Buy & Terus Pakai (Ready to Wear)" that's  hassle-free!!  Don't you agree?? Oh..measurement, fitting?!  Of coz...the ready made "baju kurung" comes in all sizes "XS,S M,L,XL".  I have yet to buy any ready made "baju kurung" Cotton but others such as Chiffon, Satin,  yes! So far, very satisfied with the workmanship and most importantly worth the price.  Okay, Cotton ...Soonnnnnnnnnnn!

Also, I noticed that I wear this collection the most during the holy month of Ramadhan otherwise just on alternate Fridays or Sundays to Bukit Kiara visiting mama's grave. 

Fashion Quote:  "Fashion is never in crisis because clothes are always necessary"....

 Luv: P

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