Friday, September 3, 2010


Liese Bubble Hair Colour...No. 1 Styling Brand in Japan is now available in Malaysia.  My Sis bought Milky Tea Brown at SASA Pavilion for RM38+.  For Me? No, I didn't buy for myself but I've volunteered to be Loll's Hairstylist to take on this first 'trial' huhu...I LIKE!!!

A wide range of colour ..
Sweet Apricot, Chestnut Brown, Dark Chocolat, Chiffon Beige, Ash Brown, 
Platinum Beige, Sweet Pink, Mocha Orange, Milk Tea Brown, Glossy Brown, Cassis Berry

So easy peasy and fun...unfortunately, of all the photos in Lolls phone, she'd accidentally deleted our Liese Snapshots during the process of colouring..*grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...* "Must You Press DELETE ALL?!"...what a waste:-( Sorry peeps just expressing my disappointment over this itsy-bitsy matter....

apply on hair and massage like this...(Yez, you can do it yourself)

Leave it for 20 minutes then wash and blow dry your hair....done!!!

Satisfactory results, safe for scalp and its permanent.  Lolls new hair colour is much better now, brownish no more Black & Dull.  Excellent choice.   

For those who wish to change their hair colour at a very minimal cost...Go For It & Give it A Try!!!

"My real hair color is kind of a dark blonde. Now I just have mood hair"....Julia Roberts

Luv: P

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