Saturday, August 21, 2010

"bel far niente"..

the Italian phrase which means...The Beauty of Doing Nothing...

This is how it looks like when you're spending your quiet weekend at home in bed & feeling sick, really ill :-(  When I'm bored with reading, I'll turn to the lappy but no mood at all to comment on FB or update status in Twitter even more to blog, just a quickie updates for this, then when I'm hungry just grab the Big Apple donuts.  I look as pathetic as the white Kitty! "Strictly no pix of me at this moment...only my bed & props" *smiley*

No 'desire' to eat heavy food especially rice.  Can only take sweet stuff, donuts for sure all year round.  Hope tomorrow will be a brighter day for me.  *pretty..please, need fresh air*

Nite peeps...stay healthy!

Luv: P

p.s:  Reading Eat Pray Love makes me wanna fly to Rome/Italy right I wish!

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