Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giant "MICHELIN" Baby....

I saw on the news last night about this 'HUGE'...'GIGANTIC'  baby boy in China.  I know he's not the 1st but he's one of the world's biggest infants..just to share it here for those who missed it or yet to know about it.

Oh man ... He is absolutely big for a 10month old BABY and so cute!!! so adorable!!! and cuddly (I think the word 'cuddly' might not fit perfectly here..I'm pretty sure its really nice to hug him but a bit of a challenge to carry him at the same time).  Check out his video with his 'Slim' Mom...*(in chinese)  just watch it and read the news report below*

A 10-month-old boy has been named the "Michelin baby" after ballooning to the weight of a six-year-old, Chinese state media has reported.

When he was born in China's southern Hunan province, Xiao Lei weighed in at around 3.5kg (7.7lbs), only just above the average weight of a newborn baby, according to Hunan television.

But a fierce appetite has seen him expand to 20kg (44lbs) - double the size of most babies of his age.

His mother, Cheng Qingyu, has said he is fed only with her breast milk.

"I've never had him take any milk powder or anything that contains hormones. Why would I need to worry?"

However, doctors at Hunan Children's Hospital have said unless Xiao Lei loses weight, it will cause future problems for his heart and blood pressure.


Hope he'll be fine and grow in a healthy way....he's just an innocent fat baby boy:-(

Luv: P

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nicko said...

so big...macam panda...haha

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