Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I once posted about a family member who has been cheated by Extreme Vacation , a travel agent for a holiday package to OZ late last year.  You may click the link below to read more about it:

Yesterday, I received these news clippings through email, its self explanatory.....

The Star, Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Sarawak Tribune, Tuesday, 15 March 2011

So, basically The Tourism Ministry  can't force or order MATTA to refund the money & nothing much they can do on the refund part coz there was no specific regulation which enabled the Ministry to do this, fair enough &  the only hope NOW is The Consumer Claims Tribunal.

Nampaknya memang lama la process ni. Dalam erti kata lain ketika membeli pakej-pakej percutian @MATTA Travel Fair, we as consumers kenalah berhati-hati takut kena tipu pulak dengan travel agent yang tak bertanggungjawab ni. MATTA tak bertanggungjawab atas apa-apa kerugian atau penipuan oleh mana-mana travel agent tapi Travel Fair diorganise oleh MATTA...hmmm '?????' memang terbaik~

Tourism Ministry should at least come up with regulations on this and  I think.. MATTA should be more responsible and thorough on the background check or whateva it is  before they allow these travel agents to participate in the Travel Fair.

Nway, hope my dear 'family member' will get the money back... someday! 

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