Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Nite Live....

Here comes Friday again, which means tomorrow is another weekend. Most of you are smiling and can't wait to finish work, leave the office and go home or hang-out.  I already have a 'date' tonite to watch the show:  The Eve of Adam,  9pm at The Celebrities Club, Solaris Mont Kiara.  TQ Kakiseni for the complimentary tickets and also my personal thanks to Syaheeda Hishamuddin for her great help and swift respond to the enquiry email with regards to my booking process! She was kind enough to make the bookings for me instead.

My major issue now is what to wear??? Errmm... I think its pretty normal right for ladies to have this problem in fact, almost all the time.  Help!!  Most probably I'll end up wearing black again*sigh*  We'll see...
One more 'memento' of the Nuffnang Sharing Session last Saturday nite....The Group photo of all of us! Finally managed to get a nice & clear pic, credit to Nuffnang ;-)

Front (L-R):  Timothy Tiah (Nuffnang co-founder), Audrey - guest blogger ( isaac, jackie, hakim, vince & tikkoss *mind the spelling please*

Back row (R-L):  Can you spot me? *wink* Oow oh!.I'm in trouble can't remember all their names but I bet they  also can't remember my name!ahaha  2nd from my right, Fresh (Nuffies), at the back, Eleng, Melissa, Mabel, Michelle (Nuffies), further to my right, Rachel, Kate, Michelle Leong, Sherry & the other 2 guests bloggers Cindy (Tey Cindy) & Ringgo Tan (Cheeserland) in the middle.  I guess that's all the names that were still fresh in my mind.


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