Saturday, March 12, 2011

Merong Mahawangsa The Movie...

Its been the "talk of the town" even months before it opens in the cinema...yup! no other than the mighty merong.    Usually, immediately after every movie, I must've my unsatisfied comments this n that, lacking here n there (to my movie partner/s & those closest to me at home) but this time around I'm kinda over focusing on Merong, I mean Stephen Rahman..well, looks like someone is having a huge crush on the same hero again. Who..? lah *blushing* Aaaaahhh...He's Hot  okay (^;^)  I know ladies, you can't agree more mmm....see it for yourself! 

no doubt he was a macho Hang Tuah before....wooooohooo MERONG oh my MERONG^_^
...he's never been shirtless in PGL, the musical hahaha
Ohh btw, that's the Chinese Admiral Liu Yun (Craig Robert Fong) and Merong -you know who..;-)

Wait a sec, I think I should start from the beginning of the movie, wud be more appropriate  right?! *yeah go easy on the mighty merong* lol

only by watching the first 5-8mins scene of the movie, its already promising ....

just look at this Chinese Emperor feel...

 Marcus the Roman Prince (Gavin StenHous, a Hongkong born British actor)
A Goan- Mano Maniam (local actor, remember the sitcom Kopitiam with Joanna Bessey?)
Behind Marcus...The Roman Admiral, Lycius (Eric Karl Henrik Norman )
*the scene  in GOA where they first saw Merong...*

Oops...the minute this GANDALF (lord of the ring) look-a-like appears,
the audiences break into laughter...
The wig spoilt the character of a respectable actor, Dato' Rahim Razali
maybe a lil bit of budget on the 'details'....please!

Ummi Nazira played the role of Embok, the  adopted daughter to Guru Kesum (Dato' Rahim Razali) perfectly!
The plain jane that attracts the eye of Merong...

Merong to escort the Roman Prince to meet up with The Chinese Princess 
somewhere @ a neutral ground

The Prince & The Chinese Princess Li Hua (Jing Lusi a Shanghai Born & England based actress)
just before the attact from the GERUDAs...

the ugly pirate leader...Kamawas (Khir Rahman - he really nailed it, a natural villain on scene)

The fights between the Chinese warrior, The Gerudas..& the Merong's people...

Kamawas & Merong.....

In every way..every shots, every angle he's the ever gorgeous merong..huhh!

"Sampai masa tibanya waktu, 
redup hati kaum berdua, 
bila dua jasad menjadi satu, 
hidup mati jadi bersama"
Alright guyz! I guess if you wanna know  the real flow of the movie you gotta watch it;-)  Just One word to describe all, HMM deserves a standing ovation.  Epic!!! KRU surely become the "toast of the town"...KUDOS to the three men 'behind the scene' especially the young & talented director Yusry Abdul Halim!! You guyz are definitely one step ahead from the rest of 'em in Malay movie making.

Left to Right: Yursy, Norman & Edry...

So, don't waste a single minute book your tickets now, go and watch the movie!  Come on peeps... lets show our genuine support to our local movie industry if not us who else;-))) If you're abroad, HMM also available in 72 countries worldwide including the United States of A, China, Germany & OZ.  Wow...coolness!!


p.s: All pix taken from the internet ^-^


amran said...

ok laa... =)

Posh Alert said...

Ok je..? Dasat pe tuk citer melayu:-)) ada la ckit kekurangan especially tang rambut palsu Dato' R hihihi

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